In MADI 2010 held the fifth workshop presenting various products, programs and services in the field of incoming tourism in the Czech Republic and also Central Europe.

There were 37 exhibitors offering a complete line of incoming services related to the Czech Republic and Central Europe – destination management companies; organizers of cultural, musical and other programs; outdoor, sport and adventure agencies; accommodation facilities; companies offering eco-tourism, including stays in parks and visits to natural wonders; gastronomy, wine and beer tours; programs for children, schools and seniors; visits to historical monuments; programs for every kind of special interest group; MICE sector and teambuilding programs. A separate catalog in English oriented buyers to the exhibitors and helped participating companies target their presentation.

The workshop consisted of two parts and took place on two half days in the Olympik hotel and the Fairground to give both buyers and suppliers plenty of space and a wonderful atmosphere. The Incoming Workshop took place on the first day and presented various products, programs and sevices dealing with incoming tourism in Czech Republic and Central Europe. The next day the Reverse Workshop in Holešovice occured. It allowed Czech suppliers to visit the foreign companies (buyers). Last year both workshops were very sucessful and had high turnouts.



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