Standard stands

The stands are built from a standard trade-fair modular system with white walls. The standard depth of stand rows is 3 and 4 metres.

Letter A marks a basic version of each stand.
You can order three types of the stores into your stand:
Version B - small lockable store
Version C - larger store with coffee-maker
Version D - kitchen


Offer standard stands

7,5 m2

9 m2

12 m2

15 m2

16 m2

18 m2

20 m2

24 m2

28 m2

32 m2

40 m2


The equipment of the standard stands

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One more counter in a corner stand, 2 more counters in a head stand, 3 more counters in an island stand.


In stands with B/C/D stores supplied as a part of the store equipment.


2 Signboards in a corner stand, 3 in a head stand, 4 in an island stand. Up to 20 letters on every signboard are included in the price.


It is possible to order stand 9 A with two smaller tables.


Not available for stands 7A and in stand 12B only 7 chairs.


Not available in stands smaller than 12m2; in stand 12C only 7 chairs, 15C only 10 chairs, 16C only 9 chairs, 18C only 11 chairs


Not available in stand smaller than 16m2 ; in 16D only 9 chairs, 18D only 11 chairs.


Floor space of the store is included in the space of the stand.


The standard stand packages include equipment described previously, but you can order more equipment using the offer in the Exhibitor Manual, which will be mailed in August:

  • colour stand, colour carpet, graphic works, the logo of your company ...
  • additional or design furniture, flower decoration ...
  • enforced electric power, coffee-maker, PC, DVD, internet connection ...
  • press conference, company presentation, advertisement in the Catalog ...
  • … and other services usual on trade fairs.

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