Visa duty

The Czech Republic is a member state of Schengen Agreement.
Please ask your nearest Embassy or Consulate of the Czech Republic for the conditions of issuing the Schengen Visa.

The list of Czech Embassies and Consulates worldwide can be found at


Citizens of the country which have a visa duty to enter the Schengen Area should contact the nearest Czech Embassy or Consulate for conditions concerning issuing of Schengen Visa. The conditions may differ from country to country in details. In most cases you will need an "Official Invitation" from the Czech Republic to submit it together with your Schengen Visa Application. 
A citizen of distant countries (and so called third countries) must be informed that it is not possible to issue the Visa here in the Czech Republic upon your arrival, nor in other European countries for strict safety reasons! You must ask for Visa in the country where you reside or at the Embassy where your country belongs.
The Official Invitation has a special form and has to be stamped by the Foreign Police Dept. of the Czech Republic. We, the organizers of MADI Fair, are ready to arrange such a document for the fair participants coming from visa duty countries.

The Official Invitation Letter Requirements

In order to get the Official Invitation issued by Foreign Police Department in Prague it is necessary to send us following documents by fax or by e-mail:

  1. Personal details such as:
    • full name (first and last name), 
    • date of birth, 
    • nationality, 
    • HOME address (no P.O.Box, no company address), 
    • number of passport.
  2. A high quality copy of the main page of the passport (with validity min. 3 months after the expected travel to the Czech Republic) of the participant(s) from your company.
  3. A copy of Hotel Accommodation Voucher.
  4. A copy of health insurance for the whole period of stay in Schengen area (min. coverage 30,000 Euros).
  5. A copy of return-flight ticket.
  6. If you are an exhibitor, you must prove payments for all expenses of your participation before the Invitation Letter will be issued.
  7. You are asked to send a copy of your valid credit card or bank statement.
  8. You must prove you work in the trade travel area - each person in a  group is asked to show some reliable documents.,



All these documents must be delivered ASAP and payment of the administration fee done by September 5.
Please note: The period of processing of visa application might be up to 30 days!!!


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