Hosted Buyer Program

From year to year the program is growing in importance and size. The number of participants of MADI Hosted Buyer Program is usually about 100 foreign buyers from about 30 countries. This year we are preparing the accommodation and other services for about 130 hosted buyers in Prague.

During the Hosted Buyer Program buyers participate at least in the introductory seminar, the Buy Czech Republic & Buy Central Europe Workshop, and visit MADI Travel Market fair. Furthermore, hosted buyers can participate in any event of MADI Travel Market, including its satellite workshops or they may join a sightseeing tour of Prague, take part in one- or two-day excursion to regions outside the city, and visit any of several cultural performances during the fair all free of charge.

The participants of Hosted Buyer Program are recruited by our own databases. We have an experience in organizing of EDU-Trips for specialized groups of foreign tour operators in cooperation with the different associations and organizations in tourism (for ex. Associations of Travel Agencies, Czech Airlines, Embassies, etc.).


This year we organize participation of Russian Buyers Group in cooperation with partners in Moskow and Saint-Petersburg. The most part of coming buyers are tour operators from Saint-Petersburg, Moskow and Ekaterinburg, furthermore tour operators from Russian regions are applied, too.

Hosted Buyers from all the world are still applying for Hosted Buyer Program 2009. The final list of participants will be available at the end of September. For better orientation at this moment we are sending a summary list of Buyers from the last years.


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