Room rates indicated below are to be understood as per room, per night and include breakfast as well as applicable taxes.

1) Duo **** 59 EUR 64 EUR

2) Olympik ****
50 EUR 60 EUR
3) Artemis **** 58 EUR 69 EUR
4) Tristar *** 36 EUR 48 EUR
5) Royal Court Boutique Hotel **** 46 EUR 56 EUR
6) Royal Court Apartments ***

60 EUR

for three persons, without breakfast

60 EUR

for five persons, without breakfast

7) Imos *** 40 EUR 60 EUR

Hotel Duo****, Teplická 492, Praha 9 
The hotel DUO listed above is the closest large hotel to the Exhibition Grounds Letnany.  Hotel DUO is situated next to the Metro C station Strizkov, only 2 stops from the final station Letnany and the Exhibition Grounds Letnany. 


Hotel Olympik ****, Sokolovská 138, Praha 8

Hotel Artemis ****, U Sluncové 14, Praha 8

Hotel Tristar ***, U Sluncové 14, Praha 8
From the hotels Olympik, Artemis, and Tristar, there is a five-minute walk to the Metro B station Invalidovna.  One also can ride for one stop with tram 8 or 24 to the Metro B station Palmovka, from which there is a direct connection to the Letnany Fairground with either bus 185 or 140.


Royal Court Boutique Hotel ****, Wenzigova 6, Praha 2

Royal Court Apartments *** , Legerova 48, Praha 2
The hotels Royal Court Boutique Hotel ****and Royal Court Apartments*** are situated in the center of Prague next to the metro C station I.P. Pavlova. There is a direct possibility to get to the Letnany Fairground by Metro C to the station Letnany. Taxi from the hotels to the Exhibition Grounds should not exceed 400 CZK / one way. 


Hotel Imos***, Za tratí 686, Praha 9 - Čakovice
The hotel Imos*** is situated close to the Exhibition Grounds Letnany. It is only a few minutes with bus 295, 140, 195, 158,or 110 from the station Nadrazi Cakovice to the station Vystaviste Letnany.


Conditions and payment details, changes, cancellations


Payment procedure: Please pay by bank transfer (draft, wire transfer) in EUR to the account of MADI Travel Market with transfer/detail of charges (money is to be transfered upon receipt of the invoice, which will include the respective bank connection, account name & number). The confirmation of the booking will be made by MADI Group only after receiving the payment. Any changes will be subject to a handling fee 300 CZK / 10 EUR. In case of cancellation before October 19, the amount is subject to cancellation fee of 750 CZK / 25 EUR and the rest will be refunded. No refunds after October 19.

The organizer offers the accommodation only in the hotels mentioned above upon better price conditions for MADI participants. If you wish to be accommodated in any other Prague hotel, you have to contact it directly.

As for taxi, we recommend the company “AAA taxi”, which is very reliable and able to give you approximate price in advance by phone. Operators can speak English. For the operator call phone numbers:
Tel: + 420 - 14014, + 420 - 222 333 222
GSM: + 420 - 602 331 133, + 420 - 603 331 133, + 420 - 777 331 133.

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